FiO, Rochester, NY, 2016 

Deep Learning with Coherent Nanophotonic Circuit


 CLEO, San Jose, CA, 2016

On-Chip Optical Neuromorphic Computing


CLEO, San Jose, CA, 2015 

Generating Structural Colors from Dielectric Surface Resonances


FiO, Tucson, AZ, 2014

Optical Broadband Angular Selectivity


CLEO, San Jose, CA, 2014 

Metamaterial Broadband Angular Selectivity


 CLEO, San Jose, CA, 2014

Optical Broadband Angular Selectiviy


 APS March Meeting, Dallas, TX, 2011 

Emergent magnetic monopoles and their dynamics in artificial spin ice


 APS April Meeting, Washington D.C, 2010 

Pattern formation in the Structural Scales of the Morpho Butterflies


 PURA recipient poster presentation, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, 2011

Dynamics of magnetic monopoles in artificial spin ice